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Cagefighting - 100 word screenplay

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

In front of a bus shelter, seagulls on steroids peck at some food. A young Asian lad throws a chip at them. He looks at an older white man. LAD: I cage fight. The older man nods politely. LAD: I can do two fights in a night! Easily. He stops to eat a chip. LAD: You thought about it? MAN: What? LAD: Cagefighting. The man smiles shyly shaking his head. LAD: Could teach ya. The man looks at his watch. LAD: (staring at him) I …I could ya know The man moves closer to the kerb as the bus pulls in. MAN: No it’s ok. He gets on the bus and sits at the front. The younger man sits behind him.

Jennifer Farfort

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